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Alpharetta Front-End Car Accident Lawyers

Many times, it can be remarkably difficult to determine who is at fault in a front-end collision. Often, insurance companies are left trying to piece together what occurred in the final seconds leading up to the accident. To make matters worse, when two cars collide at high speeds serious injuries can lead to further complications.

If you or someone you care about was injured in a front-end collision, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and destroyed property. This is especially true if you sustained injuries that make it difficult to work or engage in normal day-to-day activities. By working with an Alpharetta front-end car accident lawyer, you can bring a claim for the compensation you need and deserve. Throughout the claims process, a proactive car accident lawyer could advocate for your rights and work towards a fair settlement.

Defining Head-On Collisions

From a legal perspective, a front-end accident is a traffic accident where the front end of a vehicle is damaged. Contrary to popular belief, not all front-end accidents are head-on. They can occur at an angle, particularly when two cars attempt to drive through an intersection at the same time.

When a front-end crash at an intersection or light occurs, the insurance company and legal system will attempt to find out who officially had the right of way. When two or more vehicles approach an intersection, one car has the right to make the first move. If the other vehicle without the right of way causes a crash while attempting to make the first move, they can be held liable for any accidents they cause. In most states, the driver who is farthest to the right or the one who arrives at the intersection first has the right of way.

Other Types of Crashes

While most front-end car crashes occur at an angle at intersections or in parking lots, a small minority of accidents are caused by drivers who drive on the wrong side of the highway. Such collisions can be incredibly dangerous to all those involved.

Head-on crashes that occur in this manner are often caused when a person attempts to enter a highway through the wrong exit. They can also occur when a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When front-end accidents occur on the open road, it is usually easier to tell who is responsible for the crash.

Common Injuries in Alpharetta

Different types of crashes can result in various kinds of injuries. Front-end collisions commonly result in the following bodily injuries:

  • Torso injuries, such as rib fractures and damage to organs such as the intestines, spleen, and liver;
  • Lower leg and femur fractures;
  • Secondary injuries caused by objects flying inside and into the car;
  • Whiplash; and
  • Head and spinal cord injuries.

All these injuries can leave a person unable to support themselves and live a regular life. Fortunately, with guidance from an Alpharetta front-end car accident lawyer, crash survivors may be able to obtain compensation for their losses.

Get in Touch With an Alpharetta Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

If an accident leaves you permanently injured and unable to work or enjoy life, you may have legal options at your disposal. No one should suffer at the hands of an irresponsible or reckless driver, and someone who causes a serious crash should be held liable for their actions. Get in touch with an Alpharetta front-end car accident lawyer to determine whether you have a case. Call today.

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