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Alpharetta Truck Driver Intoxication Accident Lawyers

Although any intoxicated driver is a danger to everyone on Georgia roadways, impaired truck drivers may pose more of a risk due to the massive size and weight of large commercial trucks. The resulting injuries and property damage from a truck accident are likely to be much more substantial than those resulting from a passenger vehicle accident. If you or a family member was severely injured in a commercial truck accident, you may wish to consult an Alpharetta truck driver intoxication accident lawyer for advice.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries to help defray your medical expenses, replace your lost income, and more. Filing a claim also may permit you to seek justice by holding intoxicated drivers accountable for their wrongful actions. An experienced truck accident lawyer could help you gather the evidence that you need to bring a successful legal claim against intoxicated truck drivers, trucking companies, and any other potentially liable parties.

Drunk Driving Laws in Alpharetta

Under state law, drivers who have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or more are legally intoxicated, which makes it illegal for them to drive. Truck drivers who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), however, are held to a higher standard than drivers of regular passenger vehicles. For these individuals, driving with a BAC of .04 percent or more is illegal.

Liability in a truck accident that involves the intoxication of the driver is not limited to the driver, who often does not have adequate insurance coverage to provide appropriate amounts of compensation to the victims of catastrophic truck accidents. Other potentially liable parties may include trucking companies that hired the drivers and businesses that sell liquor to intoxicated persons. Since determining liability in these cases may be complicated, therefore, contacting a truck driver intoxication accident lawyer in Alpharetta may be wise.

Unique Issues in Trucking Accident Claims

In addition to the number of parties that may be liable in truck accident claims, these cases involve various other issues that are unique to commercial trucking accidents. For instance, many federal rules and regulations govern the trucking industry. Violation of federal laws may provide evidence of liability in some cases.

Determining liability also may be difficult. While an impaired truck driver clearly may be liable, the failure of a trucking company employer to properly hire, train, and monitor qualified truck drivers may create liability. Pressure from a trucking company to follow a highly rigorous work schedule that violates federal regulations also may lead to truck drivers using substances to help them complete their duties as required.

In many truck accidents, the injuries suffered by the victims may be particularly catastrophic. This means determining the appropriate amount of damages in a trucking accident claim can also be difficult. An experienced truck driver intoxication accident attorney in Alpharetta may be able to assess the injuries sustained in a truck accident and gather the evidence necessary to support a claim for damages.

Call an Alpharetta Truck Driver Intoxication Accident Lawyer for Help

The aftermath of a devastating truck accident can be extremely challenging as you work toward recovery from your physical and emotional trauma. In some cases, you may be facing permanent impairments that prevent you from returning to your regular life. When a careless truck driver caused the accident that led to your injuries, an Alpharetta truck driver intoxication accident lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for your losses. Call today for a consultation to get started.

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