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Alpharetta Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can occur anywhere and often when you least expect them. These accidents may also occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, car accidents occur when another driver violates a traffic law or a Georgia Rule of the Road. In other instances, car accidents can occur when drivers are distracted while driving their vehicles. Distracted driving can result from improper cell phone use while driving, loud music playing in the car, and other distractions, such as small children in the vehicle.

No one asks to be injured in a car accident. However, when a negligent driver causes an accident, it can result in serious injuries for everyone involved. If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, you may be eligible to pursue monetary compensation under the law. Contact a professional injury attorney today. An Alpharetta car accident lawyer can discuss your case with you and determine your eligibility to pursue a damage claim.

Filing a Car Accident Claim for Injuries

After sustaining injuries in an Alpharetta car accident, a person may be able to file a claim – usually with the at-fault party’s insurance company. If the insurance company accepts liability, an adjuster may put an offer on the table.

However, insurance companies’ initial offers in car accident cases are usually low. Adjusters make low settlement offers in order to try and save the insurance company money. If settlement negotiations ultimately fail, the accident victim may be able to file a lawsuit with the court.

A statute of limitations is a deadline by which the claimant or an Alpharetta car accident lawyer must file a claim or lawsuit for damages. In car accident cases, that time limitation is two years from the date of the accident. If an injured person does not file a personal injury claim or lawsuit within that period, that person may waive the right to file a claim for damages at any point in the future.

Filing a Lawsuit for Damages

In a car accident lawsuit, the plaintiff must be able to prove that another driver was negligent. This means that the other driver did something that they were not supposed to do. Alternatively, the other driver may have failed to do something they were supposed to do, thereby causing the accident.

In addition to proving that another driver caused the accident, the accident victim must demonstrate that they sustained damages as a proximate result of their injuries. Damages may include:

  • Medical and physical therapy bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent injuries
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of spousal companionship and support

Talking to an Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can cause much more than property damage. They can also lead to serious injuries, missed time from work, and a large amount of pain, suffering, and inconvenience. If you were injured in a car accident, time may be of the essence in your case. An Alpharetta car accident lawyer could review your case with you and may be able to help you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit for damages.

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