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Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, a pleasant bicycle ride can end in an accident that leaves the cyclist severely injured. Bicyclists have little protection while riding their bike, which can lead them to sustain some of the most serious injuries when they are hit by a car or other much larger vehicle.

Cyclists have the same responsibilities as drivers on the road. However, in many cases, it is another driver that is to blame for the accident. When that is the case, the cyclist can file a lawsuit against that driver to get compensation for their injuries. To do so you may need the help of an Alpharetta bicycle accident lawyer. Call a seasoned personal injury attorney and set up a consultation.

Auto Insurance and Bicycle Accidents

Any time there is a bicycle accident, auto insurance will likely be a factor in the case. Alpharetta is a tort state, meaning that those injured will need to go through the at-fault driver’s insurance company in order to receive accident benefits. And that can be a problem.

Insurance companies do not want to pay out settlements, as that will take away from their profits. Because of that, insurance companies will also try to place the blame on the injured party or try to get them to make a statement that can be taken out of context or misconstrued.

This happens in many bicycle accident cases, and the insurance company can be extremely difficult to deal with, particularly when a person is trying to recover from injuries. And no one who was injured should also have to fight with insurance companies to try to get a fair settlement.

An Alpharetta bicycle accident lawyer knows how to deal with the insurance companies and can speak to them on the injured victim’s behalf. Insurance companies are also more likely to work with an attorney because they know they are professionals that know the rights of the injured.

Hit and Run Crashes

Hit and run bicycle accidents can be even more difficult to deal with. If no one noticed the make or model of the car that hit the cyclist or had time to get the vehicle’s license plate number, finding the driver can seem impossible and without finding the driver, it can be even more difficult for the injured cyclist to receive the compensation they are entitled to. However, it is certainly not impossible.

If the cyclist also had a vehicle and had uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance, they may be able to use that insurance in a hit and run accident. Of course, this option still requires the cyclist to speak to insurance companies. Regardless of the circumstances, an Alpharetta bicycle accident attorney could always be contacted in hit and run case to deal with the insurance companies.

A skilled attorney could also collect evidence that could help find the hit and run driver. This may include video surveillance, speaking to eyewitnesses, and gathering other evidence that could help identify the hit and run driver. When working with law enforcement, a lawyer could even help identify the at-fault driver, even after a significant amount of time has passed.

Filing a Lawsuit in Alpharetta

Even though insurance companies may offer accident benefits, that does not mean that those injured cannot file a lawsuit to claim the compensation they need to help them with their injuries. Insurance benefits are often not enough to cover all the costs associated with the bicycle accident, especially if the insurance company offers an unfair settlement.

Particularly in the cases of hit and run accidents, insurance companies generally will not provide certain types of compensation, such as punitive damages which are meant to punish the at-fault party for recklessness. A bicycle accident lawyer in Alpharetta could work with injured bicyclists to file suits.

Talk to an Alpharetta Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Because of the lack of protection a bicycle provides, these accidents can cause devastating injuries. Often, the bicyclist is left to cope with massive amounts of pain and expensive medical bills. However, you have options.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, even if you do not know who the at-fault driver is, speak to an Alpharetta bicycle accident lawyer today. You may be eligible for compensation, and an attorney could help you collect it.

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