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$1,750,000 Settlement – Truck Accident

Shiver Hamilton Campbell successfully represented an Atlanta, Ga., man who was badly injured in a truck accident and achieved a $1.75 million confidential settlement to cover his pain and suffering. The truck was owner by a prominent national corporation. The driver rear-ended the car driven by Shiver Hamilton Campbell’s client. The injured man had a badly damaged disc in his back which required a difficult and expensive surgery. He ran up $170,000 in medical bills and struggled with acute pain that he may never fully recover from. Shiver Hamilton Campbell works tirelessly to achieve fair financial outcomes for people like this man, who have suffered due to the negligence of others.

The lawyers of Shiver Hamilton Campbell have an extensive truck accident and commercial vehicle accident experience in Atlanta, Georgia. Tractor trailers can be extremely dangerous and cause countless injuries and deaths on our roads every year. These vehicles are more difficult to maneuver than cars and can weigh upward of 80,000 pounds, inflicting horrible damage and injury when they are driven carelessly.

Truck Accident Investigations

Truck accident cases can be extremely complex. They are very different from auto-accident injury cases. Tractor-trailer trucks, motor carriers, and their drivers are subject to a wide range of government rules and regulations. Proper investigation routinely involves consulting with regulatory experts and engineers or law enforcement professionals who specialize in forensic investigation and reconstruction of crashes.

It is critically important that any lawyer handling a tractor-trailer case know the technical regulations and have extensive experience in these cases. But that is not enough. The trucking accident attorney must also treat the case with urgency; taking immediate steps to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and document the accident scene.

Shiver Hamilton Campbell has the skills and dedication to obtain fair outcomes for clients. They have won many major victories for clients by obtaining evidence of wrongdoing by trucking companies and drivers that many lawyers might have missed altogether.

Shiver Hamilton Campbell often represents Atlanta, Georgia clients who lack the financial means to weather the storm when accidents like this happen. Their client was a manual laborer, paid by the hour. Many working-class people like him live paycheck to paycheck. If you can’t work, the money literally stops flowing immediately. Bills pile up and options quickly dwindle. They are forced to rely on help from friends or family to get by. You can’t successfully negotiate with powerful insurance companies when you’re desperate.

Handling Large Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a single objective. That want to pay out as little as possible to injured people who have submitted a claim, and they will use every tool at their disposal. They know that time is on their side in many cases like this. If they can delay the case long enough, many people will be forced to accept settlement offers that are significantly lower than they could have been.

In this case, the injured party was initially represented by an attorney who lacked the resources to bring necessary pressure to bear on a powerful national corporation to achieve successful results. Shiver Hamilton Campbell has extensive truck accident experience and a team of skilled attorneys who can learn all the relevant facts and prepare them to be maximally effective for their clients in court. Shiver Hamilton Campbell also has the reputation as a fierce advocate that can bring defendants like big insurance companies to the settlement table. Before Shiver Hamilton Campbell was brought in, the corporation had made no realistic offers to settle the case.

Shiver Hamilton Campbell prepares all cases to go to jury. That’s the only way you can level the playing field with powerful defendants, and that’s what they did in this case. The lawyers of Shiver Hamilton Campbell investigated. They took depositions from everyone involved, seeking to establish negligence by the truck driver and the company that employed him. They also deposed their client’s doctor to clearly establish the severity of the injuries and the fact that they were a direct result of the truck accident.

When defense counsel was presented with the evidence of negligence compiled by Shiver Hamilton Campbell, they made the $1.75 million settlement offer that Shiver Hamilton Campbell’s client accepted.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Shiver Hamilton Campbell recognizes the needs of clients in cases like this trucking accident. They often need a swift resolution precisely because of the financial distress often caused by unforeseen accidents. The young man, in this case, placed his trust in Shiver Hamilton Campbell to achieve a fair verdict in a timely manner. Less than a year passed from the time Shiver Hamilton Campbell took the case until it was settled, an extremely quick timeline for such a significant settlement.

Shiver Hamilton Campbell brings compassion and zeal to every case. They dedicate whatever resources are necessary to make sure clients are treated fairly and that justice is done. They know there is more at stake than just a legal judgment, that clients often need counsel across a range of problems and issues that go beyond the particulars of their case. They value the people they represent as deserving of justice and respect.

The lawyers of Shiver Hamilton Campbell also prepare all their cases to go to trial, alerting insurance companies and corporate defendants that they won’t settle for anything less than full justice for their clients. Preparing the case for trial is the only way to consistently achieve the best outcomes. Opposing counsel must know that Shiver Hamilton Campbell’s clients are represented by skilled and experienced trial lawyers with all the necessary legal resources to win jury judgments.

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