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$2,500,000 – Apartment Complex Sexual Assault

We represented a young lady who was the victim of a sexual assault by the maintenance man at her apartment complex. She and the maintenance man had a prior relationship and the insurance company and their lawyers refused to admit any responsibility and told us repeatedly our claim had no merit. As we investigated, we subpoenaed documents from the prosecution of the perpetrator and learned that our client’s family had made numerous complaints to management about the maintenance man’s suspicious behavior towards our client. We also subpoenaed documents from the defendant management company’s key management system and learned that the maintenance man was negligently allowed to make copies of our client’s keys. We diligently pursued the case and were proceeding to trial when the insurance company suddenly asked to mediate the case. Our injury attorneys resolved the case for $2,500,000 and were able to structure the money in a way that our client will have her medical needs taken care of for life and was able to purchase a modest home with cash.

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