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$1,650,000 – Apartment Complex Shooting

We represented the widower of a young lady shot and killed an apartment complex in Southwest Atlanta. A friend who was visiting was approached by several armed robbers outside of her door. She heard the commotion and opened her door to investigate. The robbers immediately turn their gun upon her and started firing shooting her several times in the abdomen. Tragically, she died in front of her widower and six-year-old daughter. The insurance company initially denied the claim saying that this was a targeted attack and that our clients were conducting illegal activity in their apartment. The insurance company also claimed that it had on duty security at the complex and that nothing could have been done to deter this particular crime. We filed suit and learned that the security guard company was not on duty the day of the shooting. We insisted on the complete production of documents from the defendants and sent a subpoena to the security guard company that was not a defendant in the case. We obtained emails from the security guard company to the defendant management company showing that the management company quit paying the security guard company a few days before the shooting. We also obtained the bank statements from the management company and was able to prove that the management company wrote itself a large check instead of paying the security company. Our personal injury attorneys settled this case for $1,650,000 and put the money in a structured settlement so that the minor child’s money will be put to good use, paying for college and monthly payments for the rest of her life.

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