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First Steps to Take After a Spinal Cord Injury in Atlanta

In the event that someone suffers a devastating injury to their spine, their initial thoughts are going to be about stopping the pain and seeking medical attention. But there are several things which need to be done after that in order to set up a strong case against the negligent party. An experienced spinal cord injury attorney in your community could advise you on the first steps to take after a spinal injury in Atlanta and how you could recoup your losses.

Responding to a Spinal Cord Injury

A person could pursue a personal injury claim if they believe the negligence or recklessness of another person caused their spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury occurs when damage is done to any part of the spinal cord or spinal canal. These horrific injuries commonly occur from car accidents, violent blows to the head or spine, and from trip and fall accidents.

The first phone call after any spinal cord injury should be to a hospital or emergency services in order to seek proper medical attention. A medical provider should assess the injury, treat what they can, and determine what sort of long-term care plan is required.

Why Should Someone Seek Medical Attention Even if They Feel Fine?

Sometimes after suffering an accident or an act of violence, a person may feel fine. However, they should still seek medical care because some injuries can go undetected or present themselves later. In a traumatic event especially, adrenaline can mask the symptoms of an injury. Doctors and nurses can conduct tests and examinations to determine if somebody has received an injury that they do not realize yet.

After the initial procedures are through, people should consider their life or medical insurance policies. Some insurance companies try to avoid working with those who are suffering from devastating injuries. A seasoned attorney could help the injured person get the necessary medical care.

How to Help Strengthen a Case

Someone who is recovering from a spinal cord injury should focus on improving their health after an accident instead of trying to stay highly involved in a potential case. Friends and family can instead gather evidence or speak to witnesses, in coordination with an attorney. Working on a case can cause much stress and it is important for an injured person to keep their healing process going smoothly.

Continuing with daily physical activities may be inadvisable depending on the severity of the spinal injury, as it could not only cause more pain but it could threaten the chance to recover more damages if activity increases the injury. Medical providers will provide the best advice on the level of activity that is advisable. The person should also cease all contact with the individual who caused the injury or allowed it to happen. Any communication between parties should happen through attorneys.

Learn the First Steps After a Spinal Cord Injury in Atlanta

If a spinal injury is severe enough, it could permanently alter someone’s life, including their future capacity for earning income. Thus, it is critical that a lawsuit is pursued carefully and accurately. The best way to accomplish this is to hire a local attorney who could provide counsel on the first steps to take after a spinal cord injury.

A lawyer will be able to assess their injuries from a legal standpoint, determine who might have caused them, and explain what legal action may be available. A knowledgeable attorney could also help them with life care planning and help the injured party find medical providers so they can get proper care while pursuing the claim. If you were in an accident that has damaged your spine, place a call now to learn how you could recover damages.

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