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How an Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney Could Help

An experienced premises liability attorney can be a tremendous help to an individual or the family of someone who has been seriously injured or killed on an unsafe property. Hiring a well-versed lawyer who can provide valuable insight during the legal process is key to identifying, preserving, and pursing potential premises liability claims.

These types of cases typically depend on prompt collection and preservation of evidence and thorough investigation, so it is best to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Acting quickly in a premises liability claim can be critical because evidence of property hazards may otherwise be lost or destroyed over time. To learn more about how an Atlanta premises liability attorney could help, consider reaching out to our legal team.

Common Misconceptions about Premises Liability Claims

Just because a person is harmed on someone else’s land does not mean they have a valid premises liability case. A landowner is legally obligated to reasonably maintain their property’s safety. What reasonable action a property owner must take to avoid liability may differ for another landowner, as their responsibilities typically depend on the type of premises in question.

An injured party’s right to sue depends largely on the specific facts and circumstances of their case. Fortunately, evaluating a landowner’s actions, or lack thereof, and determining whether they failed to uphold their legal responsibilities are just a few ways that an Atlanta premises liability attorney could help an injured claimant.

Mistakes to Avoid

It is crucial to avoid giving any recorded statements to the premises owner or manager until you have consulted with an attorney. While you should report a potentially hazardous condition, you should also avoid discussing details of the incident or your subsequent damages until you have qualified legal representation.

Once you retain a lawyer from our firm, you can focus on recovering from your injures while they take on your legal burdens. Letting an attorney take on your case can make a substantial difference in staying ahead of any potential legal obstacles.

Finding a Premises Liability Attorney in Atlanta

You can find a diligent premises liability attorney by searching online for firms and lawyers that have obtained favorable jury verdicts. Shiver Hamilton Campbell is one of the leading Atlanta firms when it comes to receiving large premises liability awards.

What to Expect from an Initial Meeting with a Lawyer

An attorney would have a thorough discussion about the key issues of a case such as liability and damages. It is important to bring any information you have about your losses and the incident itself so the lawyer can help you measure your damages. For example, any pictures of the property or the dangerous conditions and any medical records relating to your injuries could be substantially useful for an attorney.

How an Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney Could Help

You can expect an ally who can help you navigate the often challenging experience of preserving, investigating, and pursuing a premises liability claim. A dedicated premises liability attorney can provide an injured person or their family a sense of comfort in what can be an uncertain and scary time in their lives. Call our firm today to learn more about how an Atlanta premises liability attorney could help your situation.

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