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Atlanta Slip and Fall Case Considerations

Premises liability accidents can be complex, since the hazard and other evidence may not be preserved. An experienced attorney will understand the important Atlanta slip and fall case considerations, and they could work on your behalf to prepare a favorable case. Contact an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

Cases with Multiple Defendants

Depending on the type of premises in a case, there could be multiple defendants. In a mall, for example, there is the owner, manager, and maintenance company. In a grocery store, one entity may own and operate the entire facility or they may contract out part of it. For a fast food restaurant, there may be one entity that owns the physical property, one that runs the franchise, and another responsible for maintenance and landscaping. The most important thing is to look closely at what the hazard was that led to the injury and who the potential parties are that had some part in that hazard existing or persisting on the premises.

Slip and Fall Case Appeals

A slip and fall case typically would be appealed the same way as any other civil case in Atlanta, and that would be to the court of appeals. If the injured person received a ruling of the trial court or a jury they believe was wrong, their remedy is to file a notice of appeal. The notice of appeal triggers the trial court to transfer the case to the court of appeals where the case will be briefed and a three-judge panel will decide the case.

Recovery After a Case Concludes

Typically, once a case is concluded, there are no other avenues for recovery. An injury victim should not resolve a case until they have an accurate handle on the nature and extent of their injuries. Before a defendant pays the insurance money, they will insist on a release. The release ensures that there will be no further claims made in the case and that any uncertainty related to the nature or extent of the injury is born by the injured party. Particularly if there is significant insurance involved, it is important not to rush to resolve a case. The injured party should be very deliberate in the manner in which they pursue the case so that they reserve the ability to recover damages for all injuries they suffered – past, present, and future.

Top Considerations in Slip and Fall Cases

The most important Atlanta slip and fall case considerations are:

  • Obtaining a complete understanding of what caused the fall;
  • Fully analyzing the scene and speaking with witnesses to determine how long the hazard was there and why it was there;
  • Preserving information, particularly in cases where a person slipped on something likely to be properly cleaned up quickly.

A slip and fall lawyer will want to make sure that any and all video is retained that may document what hazard was present, how long it was present when it was present, and who may have been walking by it while it was present.

Contacting an Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you could be eligible for compensation to help your recovery. There are many important Atlanta slip and fall case considerations, but a skilled attorney could help navigate your complex case. Contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer today to discuss your situation.

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