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Steps To Take Following a Burn Injury in Atlanta

Few people know exactly what to do in the event that they suffer a severe burn injury. At times there can be confusion because damaged nerve endings might not send pain signals to the brain, causing people to think the burn is milder than it really is. It is important to know how to respond to even the smallest burn injury in Atlanta so you can receive proper treatment and avoid future complications. A local attorney could help guide you through the steps to take following a burn injury in Atlanta and help you get the proper care you need. It is best to consider your legal options with an experienced burn injury attorney.

Initial Steps After Receiving a Burn

The first steps a person should take following a severe burn is seek medical attention regardless of how bad the injury looks or feels. A medical professional is in the best position to identify what sort of medical treatment is necessary to avoid infection or long-term damage.

It is recommended to seek treatment in an emergency room or an urgent care facility. Afterward, a doctor might refer an injured person to one of several burn clinics in the Atlanta area, or to other doctors if further treatment is needed.

Once a person has received proper medical treatment, they should then contact a skilled burn injury lawyer to evaluate their case and determine whether they may be eligible to pursue damages. An attorney could take the lead on accumulating evidence and calculating how much in damages to seek in court.

How Should the Injured Person and Their Family Respond Following an Accident?

If a person suffered a burn caused by someone else’s negligence, one of the best things they can do, if they are physically able, is document what happened. The injured person could take pictures, make notes about how they sustained their injury, and take pictures of the source of the burn. Family members can assist in preserving that evidence so a lawyer could proceed in a case against the negligent party.

Injured parties should avoid throwing away anything related to the burn and its causes, and avoid conversing with the person who may have caused it, or that person’s insurance company. They should focus on their treatment and let their lawyer handle those communications. An attorney should be experienced enough to communicate with the defendant without giving up information of the case.

The Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns are treated according to degrees, beginning with first-degree as the least severe and going up to third-degree burns. A first-degree burn is the mildest because it affects only the outer layer of the skin. Sunburn is a common example. There will usually not be any blistering or long-term damage with first-degree burns.

Second-degree burns affect the top layer of the skin and only part of the dermis layer underneath. These burns have blistering and are usually painful. A deep second-degree burn or a deep partial-thickness burn is more severe, consisting of damage to more of the dermis, and the deep burns may cause permanent scarring or changes in the color of the skin.

Third-degree burns destroy two full layers of the skin and sometimes may not even be painful because the burn has damaged the nerve endings.

Reasons to Seek Medical Help

The skin contains multiple layers and the lower layers could still be damaged even if the top layer looks fine. Injured parties may find that, as they recover, there is significant scarring or long-term negative effects that were not identified in the beginning.

The sun is the most common cause of burns, however these generally do not require serious treatment. For burns that may to a personal injury case, common causes include hot water, a kitchen stove, chemicals, and electrical currents, in addition to incidents involving open flames.

A Lawyer Could Advise on How to Respond to a Burn Injury in Atlanta

While not every burn injury will require hospitalization or long-term treatment, it is important to seek medical help regardless. Even minor injuries could get worse with time and it is wise to immediately prepare for a claim with the help of an Atlanta attorney. They could provide guidance on how to respond in the aftermath of your burn injury so you do not miss out on financial relief. Call now to learn about the steps to take following a burn injury in Atlanta.

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