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Preventing Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents

A person interested in learning to ride a motorbike is recommended to exercise safe driving habits for preventing Atlanta motorcycle accidents. New riders could speak to a skilled attorney with experience handling accident cases. An Atlanta lawyer knows the common trends involved in motorbike wrecks and could advise you on how to be a better driver.

Safety Measures for Avoiding Motorbike Crashes

When seeking to prevent motorbike crashes in Atlanta, individuals are recommended to read up on local laws and regulations. The precautions individuals could take to help avert motorcycle accidents apply both to motorcyclists and to other drivers. Motorcyclists are recommended to do a pre-trip inspection before riding to ensure the motorcycle is in good riding shape. Even the most senior motorcyclist may have a checklist that is built upon inspecting tire pressure, tire tread, controls, electronic signals, brakes, and fluid and air levels. A few moments spent doing inspecting those things may prevent unexpected dangers and injuries on the road.

Changing Lanes

All drivers are recommended to avoid sudden lane changes and to use signals in advance of changing lanes. The Georgia Motorcycle Manual has suggestions for different hand signals. There are ten different hand signals when making turns or other maneuvers on the road. A motorcyclist should master these hand signals in operating a motorcycle. The traveling public should also have a working knowledge of these signals to promote safety. It is important to signal early and remain aware of other vehicles when attempting to make a lane change.

Buffer Room

Another recommendation is to have enough “buffer room.” There should be enough space between a motorcycle and other motor vehicles. Georgia’s Motorcycle Manual provides that increasing the distance between the vehicles could increase reaction time and give enough space to maneuver in the event of a sudden stop. The Sour-Second Rule calls for allowing four seconds of following distance to stop, swerve, or keep a reasonable space cushion. Motorists should follow the same guidance and should never tailgate a motorcycle.

Motorists should always avoid encroaching on a motorcyclist’s lane. For motorcyclists, it is important not to ride side by side with other vehicles or other motorcycles. By law, motorcyclists are entitled to have the full use of a lane.

Traveling With Other Bikers

While motorbike riders may enjoy traveling together, the Georgia Motorcycle Operations Manual calls for a staggered ride formation, which is compliant with the law in lieu of riding side-by-side. Using this approach, motorcyclists can maintain a safe traveling distance and remain aware of their surroundings.

Using Hand Signals When Motorbiking

Attitudes towards motorcyclists using hand signals are typically positive since it gives a car driver ample opportunity to see which signal the motorcyclist is using to have enough time to respond. Motorcycles may be difficult to locate in everyday traffic and a motorcycle’s taillights are not always visible. Having additional hand signals could help all drivers be aware of the movement that a motorcyclist is making.

While both hands used for steering are ideal and safe, even the Georgia Motorcycle Operations Manual emphasizes the importance of using hand signals under proper bike control. Each of those signals requires using one hand to operate a motorcycle. This could be done in a very safe fashion and actually promotes safety, as it alerts drivers on the road what maneuver that motorcyclist is making.

Precautions Car Drivers Could Take to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Car riders are encouraged to exercise good judgment on the road and avoid anything that promotes distractions or the impairment of judgment. All motorists must abide by the relevant traffic control devices and should never operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even certain prescribed medications could change a person’s reaction time.

Since motorcycles could easily occupy the blind spots of the other motorists, it is important for motorists to frequently check mirrors and to keep a lookout.

Important Safety Measures to Know

Individuals could exercise road safety by:

  • Using the proper hand signals in making turns
  • Identifying road hazards
  • Signaling increases or decreases in speed
  • Understanding the importance of space between motorcycles and other vehicles
  • Using the Four-Second Rule – allowing four seconds as the following distance to stop – to give motorists an ample amount of time to respond and adjust when operating a motorcycle
  • Exercising good judgment
  • Abiding by all relevant traffic and roadway control devices and laws
  • Avoiding distractions handheld use of a cell phone and other distractions
  • Wearing protective gear

Abiding by safety measures could help motorcyclists mitigate what may potentially be lethal or very serious injuries.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help You Learn Rider Safety Tips

If you wish to learn more about preventing Atlanta motorcycle accidents, reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. While motorbiking could be a fun means of transportation and hobby, motorcycles carry inherent risks that all drivers should be aware of. An Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer could help drivers learn basic safety tips to protect themselves and others on and off the road.

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