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Common Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When a person is involved in a motorcycle collision, they may incur severe and even fatal injuries. These types of extensive injuries could result in significant medical bills, mental trauma, and pain and suffering. If the collision is caused by a negligent party, an injured individual may be eligible to file for compensation. This could substantially help an injured person maintain their financial security and address their unexpected medical bills and costs. If you or a loved one sustained serious injuries following a motorcycle crash, contact a proactive motorcycle accident lawyer. A seasoned lawyer with knowledge of the common Atlanta motorcycle accident injuries could examine the different factors surrounding your accident and work to hold the careless party responsible. Call now and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal solutions.

Frequent Injuries Seen in Motorcycle Crashes

Common Atlanta motorcycle accident injuries can vary across a broad spectrum. Injuries may include anything from minor injuries such as road rash to catastrophic injuries or death. Some believe that motorcycles are particularly dangerous because the rider is largely unprotected close to the ground and not shielded in the same way as persons in an automobile. Injuries that often arise include broken bones, back and neck injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, a concussion or traumatic brain injury, and paraplegia. However, in some cases, injuries can be incredibly severe and may become fatal. In the instance of death due to severe injuries caused by a negligent party, a deceased individual’s family or estate may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Understanding Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is defined simply as a brain dysfunction most usually caused by a significant impact to the head or skull. The brain is essentially jolted or impacted (which sometimes results in swelling) and that outside force results in a traumatic brain injury. Depending on where that impact occurs to the head, the effects of the injury can vary.

There is often a spectrum of symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury, anything from a concussion or blurred vision to inability to move or complete paralysis. A traumatic brain injury, especially in the context of a motorcycle accident, is highly plausible because of the dynamics and engineering of motorcycles in relation to other vehicles and the roadway.

There are some symptoms that can be immediate with a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion or losing consciousness, but there are also some symptoms that may happen long after the incident. These symptoms frequently include memory loss, lack of focus, and blurred vision.

A traumatic brain injury impacts all bodily functions and may cause anything from memory loss to complete immobilization. Motorcycle collisions along with anything that disrupts normal brain function can impact the remainder of the body. As a result, a person who is operating a motorcycle should strongly consider wearing protective clothing and a helmet.

How Broken Bones May Result in a Motorcycle Collision

Broken bones occur frequently in motorcycle accidents because the rider typically falls off of the motorcycle and hits the road. They may also be crushed by the motorcycle or hit by another vehicle. Fractures in the arms, legs, back, and neck are common in such collisions. If a motorcycle operator breaks a bone and is not treated quickly or properly, there may be significant future ramifications that could require extensive medical attention throughout the rest of a person’s life. Seeking medical attention immediately after a collision could significantly reduce the risk of long-term negative medical consequences. In addition to broken bones, a person may incur torn rotator cuffs, burns, and even traumatic amputation. Regardless of the circumstances, the more a person knows about the common Atlanta motorcycle accident injuries, the more they could inform their negligence claim against a reckless party.

Call About the Dangers of Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Atlanta

If you were incurred serious and even life-threatening injuries following a motorcycle crash because of a negligent party, consult a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. We could review the factors surrounding common Atlanta motorcycle accident injuries and work to develop a legal strategy to hold the careless individual responsible. Speak with a steadfast attorney today and set up an appointment to begin assessing potential legal options that may be effective for your case.

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