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Atlanta Out-of-State Cyclists

Out-of-state visitors should know that bicyclists must follow Georgia motor vehicle laws. Out-of-state bicyclists must adhere to the flow of traffic and follow signs and signals such as traffic lights and stop signs, and they cannot ride on sidewalks.

Many cyclists ride on main thoroughfares such as Peachtree Street, but bicycle accidents can occur on any roadway at any time. For this reason, Atlanta out-of-state cyclists should make sure to be visible and vigilant for the motor vehicles around them, especially in peak traffic times such as morning and evening rush hour.

Which Locations Frequently See Biking Accidents?

There is an extended trail in Atlanta called the Beltline, where there is a high potential for a bicycle accident. The trail is very crowded, particularly on weekends, which can make it hard for bicyclists to navigate. This trail also crosses roadways and does not necessarily have traffic signs at those crossings, which can place out-of-state bike riders in Atlanta at risk of injury.

Bike Lanes

Cyclists in Atlanta are not permitted to cycle on sidewalks. There are numerous bike lanes on most roads that bicyclists are encouraged to use. Particularly, the downtown, midtown, and Buckhead regions do have bike lanes specifically designated with the bicycle logo. Some of them are set off with permanent pylons to protect them from the roadway, but there are still a lot of busy roads that do not have bike lanes where cyclists are forced to share the road with motor vehicles.

In fact, the city of Atlanta is testing out what is called popup bike lanes to give bicyclists an alternative to riding on the roadway and sharing a lane with motor vehicles. A pop-up bicycle lane is made with movable barriers instead of typical painted lines. These are bicycle lanes that the city creates for a certain period of time, essentially testing out the function of a bicycle lane on different roadways.

Safety Tips for Out-of-State Bike Riders

The general rules of bicycle riding apply to out-of-state bicyclists. They should make sure to remain visible to other motorists, especially at night, and adhere to traffic lights. The state of Georgia requires a light on the front of the bicycle as well as on the back if there is no red reflector.

Atlanta traffic is very heavy, and out-of-state riders should be careful and vigilant during high-traffic times. They should also make sure to use bike lanes whenever possible.

On-Road Safety Measures

On-road safety measures for operating a bicycle can include anything from wearing a reflective safety vest and having reflective material on the bike itself to wearing a helmet and using bicycle lanes to separate themselves from traffic. It is also important for a cyclist to use hand signals when turning to indicate their intentions to other motorists.

Signaling Pedestrians

Bike riders must identify to pedestrians where they are coming from. For example, if a bicyclist is approaching a pedestrian from behind, the rider might say, “On your left,” to let the pedestrian know to move to the right-hand side to allow the bicycle to pass. This can reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents involving out-of-state bicyclists in Atlanta.

Ask an Attorney about the Rules for Out-of-State Cyclists in Atlanta

An out-of-state bicycle rider who negligently causes an accident could not avoid liability just for being from another state. Bicyclists are required to follow the laws of the state where they are riding, regardless of where they may be from. If you are an out-of-state cyclist injured in a bicycle accident, call our firm today.

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