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Atlanta Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyers

Injuries resulting from bicycle accidents can vary. Bicycle riders are exposed to the elements, unlike drivers of motor vehicles, so the injuries can be more severe. A cyclist is not only likely to impact a motor vehicle in the event of a collision but is also likely to impact the road.

Injuries resulting from bicycle accidents in Atlanta can range from cuts, scrapes, and bruises, to broken bones, to lifelong debilitating conditions, or even death. The injuries a cyclist sustains in a collision will depend on the severity of the accident. An Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer can answer any questions you have about your injuries and the law surrounding bicycle accidents. Speak with an experienced Atlanta bicycle accident injury lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

What Factors Can Aggravate a Cyclist’s Injuries?

Because bicyclists are exposed to the elements and are not surrounded by the safety features of a motor vehicle, they may suffer more severe injuries than a driver in the same collision. For example, the bicyclist could be thrown from their bike, hit or roll over the car, or collide with something on the side of the roadway such as bicycle racks, mailboxes, and any number of stationary objects that are nearby. That physical contact between the bicyclist and those objects can aggravate their injuries.

Severe Head Trauma

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a blow or jolt to the head. In other words, severe head trauma is an injury to the brain. It is not necessarily going to be an open injury and could be caused by a concussion. A TBI can be caused by the bicyclist’s head hitting the car or from the brain moving inside the skull because of the accident.

Any injury to the brain can be severe, but traumatic brain injuries are significant because they can be hard to spot and can result in permanent damage to cognitive functions. A cyclist who sustains a TBI may experience memory loss, mood changes, fatigue, irritability, emotional disturbance, loss of balance, and changes in sleep. This is why injuries resulting from a bicycle collision in Atlanta can affect relationships with family members.

Broken Bones

Sustaining one or more broken bones can lead to having to wear a cast or a walking boot and may even require surgery, depending on the severity of the fracture.

For example, a fracture to the tibial plateau in the knee region often requires a surgery and a hospital stay. It may also require the victim to be non-weight bearing or not put any weight on that foot while recovering. Broken bones can cause continued issues and great limitations on a person’s state of life.

Long-Term Consequences

Broken bones can have substantial long-term consequences, as fractures may not heal properly or may require surgery that leads to permanent hardware such as screws or plates that remain in the body. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to severe, long-term cognitive consequences.

Often in bicycle collisions, cyclists suffer from injuries to the spine, neck, or back, which can lead to severe, lasting back pain. The injuries resulting from biking crashes in Atlanta may eventually result in premature aging or arthritis starting a lot earlier than it otherwise would.

Seeking Medical Attention. Speak with an Atlanta Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

After any bicycle accident in Atlanta which results in injuries, doctors are likely to conduct a full assessment that would involve a physical, X-rays, and potentially CT or MRI scans. Doctors will likely assess for any internal bleeding and any problems with the lungs and pulmonary embolisms. They will also check for a concussion and other head injuries and determine what treatment is necessary based on the individual’s condition. If you are injured in a bicycle accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, call our firm today.

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