$4,950,000 Settlement – For Wrongful Death Car Crash With Commercial Vehicle

Shiver Hamilton confidentially settled a South Georgia wrongful death case for just under $5 million. A Florida businessman was traveling in Georgia in his personal vehicle when he crossed the centerline and struck another vehicle head-on. The crash resulted in the death of our client, who tragically left behind a wife and three young sons. The businessman only had $100,000 of insurance coverage on his personal vehicle. However, Shiver Hamilton was able to discover that he was in Georgia on a work mission and established that his employer was responsible for his negligence. The employer had $5 million of insurance coverage. When Shiver Hamilton was brought in by another law firm to handle the case, we immediately filed suit and sent a demand for the insurance limits. Within one month, Shiver Hamilton was able to resolve the case for $4,950,000.