$20,000,000 Jury Verdict- Negligent Security

On September 9th, a Clayton County jury returned a $20,000,000 verdict for the widow and children of Florencio Gomez Mendez after a two week trial. Before the trial the highest offer by the insurance company was $1,000,000. Florencio lived at Bradford Ridge Apartments and was killed by criminals on his way back to his apartment after going to the store. Because numerous crimes occurred at the complex before Florencio was shot and the apartment had no security, Shiver Hamilton filed a lawsuit alleging negligent security. The defendants denied all responsibility and asked for a defense verdict. The jury apportioned 50% fault to the defendants and 50% to the criminals for a total verdict of $10,000,000 against the defendants. Because the insurance company denied a prior settlement offer and the verdict was over 125% of plaintiffs prior offer, defendants will have to pay plaintiffs’ attorneys fees. Shiver Hamilton was joined by Darren Summerville and Mecca Anderson of The Summerville Firm.